Kevin Raison

First up – Darbs – What is that all about?? It’s my nick name (inherited from my father). My name is Kevin, but only my mum calls me that, so please lets keep this informal. I sometimes think using this name is not very business like or not hipster enough (Plant + Animal Studios?) but when you book me to be part of your big day you get more than someone taking photos….. I help plan timelines, I guide mum on how to pin the grooms flower, I pride myself on keeping everything together and on time right up until I hand you over to the MC at the party… you get me – Darbs.

I started photography as a kid with basic film cameras and it taught me one important lesson….make it count, you only have 24 shots!

Then I spent years working/backpacking around the world. I wanted to capture images of everything I saw.  I loved colourful landscapes &  all the interesting people I saw in faraway lands. When my images were not representing my experiences I pursued an education in photography. I refined and perfected my skill. Then my 2 sons were born & I naturally pointed the camera at them. Soon my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids, then came family & friends weddings. My evolution from enthusiastic amateur to professional has been totally organic…..I never set out to make it my job, but all those years with a camera in my hand have given me an eye for capturing emotions & so, wedding photography has found me.

I’m dedicated, friendly, adaptable, experienced and willing to go the extra mile. I now have 100+ weddings under my belt and understand the ebb & flow of a wedding day, meaning I put myself in the right place to capture those “real moments” without getting in the way.

I have pro cameras and lenses and more importantly know how to use them to get amazing images. I prefer to use natural light & I love to capture people acting naturally.

I live on the Tweed Coast, Australia. My work is mainly local but I do travel for clients …. Special preferences given to weddings in tropical climates with waves or Japanese snow resorts.

Some of my personal work

So why pick me?

You like my work, You like my website, You like my editing style, You may also like my travel/landscape images……but you must also like me.

Every wedding photographer has a different style.  Mine is relaxed – so if you have a long list of must have shots for me to tick off as I go then I’m probably not the photographer for you.  Why?  Because while doing that I’d miss all the real stuff happening right in front of me. Couples pick me because I take photos in a fun, natural way. I won’t herd your guests around and I won’t make you miss your own reception. Yes I still shoot group shots and bride & groom portraits but I do it in a less intrusive way. I firmly believe that the photographer shouldn’t run a wedding. The photography is a record of the day and the day should run exactly how you want it too.

Because I take the time to know every couples’ plans, I can adapt to any changes on the day to capture what you really want. I’m calm under pressure (I used to be a chef!!) , so you can just relax and enjoy yourselves.

 Got a gut feeling that’s me?  Brilliant news… let’s talk!

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